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what is pilates?

Pilates is a unique system of strengthening exercises that was developed almost 100 years ago. Fit to Deliver classes adapt traditional Pilates exercises to create a safe, effective exercise system for you during and after your pregnancy.

You will learn how to activate your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Physiotherapy research has shown that developing these deep "stabilising" muscles can help prevent low back and pelvic pain.

Strong abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, a good breathing technique and good muscle tone will help you to adjust to the physical changes occurring in your body while your baby develops. Fit to Deliver can be continued post-natally to ensure your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles recover strength and tone safely.

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Mothers Group Special Offer

Come and join a special free class for your mother’s group, at a time that suits you. read more

Labour and Birth Skills

Our next Labour and Birth Skills Session with Tracy is on Friday 27 May at 3 till 4.30pm at our Brighton studio.

If you are between 30 and 38 weeks pregnant come along to our workshop to hear practical advice and practise skills to use during labour and delivery!!

During the workshop, we will focus on using practical, non-invasive, pain management techniques to use during labour. These include movement and pracitising different positions (including the use of the Fitball), massage, breathing, visualisation, heat and TENS.

We will also share important tips and strategies for optimising post natal recovery.

We will pop up the dates for the rest of the year soon! read more