When should I start classes?

You can start classes as soon as you feel like it! Often some women experience morning sickness during the first trimester and may not feel like exercising. However, starting to tone your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles early in your pregnancy will help you to maintain good posture and may help to prevent the onset of back pain. It is safe to continue Fit to Deliver classes right up until your delivery date, as long as your Doctor agrees. You may start classes post natally as soon as you have the all clear from your Doctor - usually after 6 weeks. Even if your children are toddlers or older you may still benefit from specific abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening! You are welcome to bring your babies with you to some of the classes - see the timetable for classes which say "Bub's welcome". If your children are older, you may like to take advantage of the creche facilities at some of the venues.

Bookings & Schedules

Bookings required for all classes.


Time Tables

View our time tables for session times and studio locations.


Specials & Events

Mother's Group Sessions

Would you like to bring your Mother's group along for a customised class at a time that suits you?

Call us on 9592 2070 or email info@fittodeliver.com.au to lock in a time.

Labour and Birth Skills

If you are between 30 and 38 weeks pregnant come along to our workshops to hear practical advice and practise skills to use during labour and delivery!!

We will focus on using practical, non-invasive, pain management techniques to use during labour.

Classes run approx. every 6 weeks.

Call us on 9592 2070 or email info@fittodeliver.com.au for the next dates.

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